“Art is an experience we often disavow in treatment, to our detriment. Through my experiences with Rachel, I learned not only more about myself, but about how I approach and respond to the world around me through her awareness-raising activities. Compassion and understanding lay at the heart of her treatment, a safe and truly therapeutic place to discover and heal yourself.” ~ Nicole R


“Working with Rachel has helped me progress and recover immensely. Art therapy has a way of letting your emotions out in a safe creative way. Rachel provides so many different types of art that open a wide range of potential for yourself. From drawing to clay to even pastels, there are so many ways to show your feelings. There’s one particular experience I had with Rachel that I still remember to this day. She gave the assignment to my mom and I as a group. We both worked on a painting together of what a perfect day would look like and it turned out beautiful! In general, you don’t have to be good at art, but you’ll learn to respect and be confident in your work. I still have papers and art projects Rachel and I worked on to this day. Rachel and her teaching through art is a big reason of why I’m still here today.”   ~JY


“I always think fondly of Rachel and how much she helped me when I was at a very low point in my eating disorder. She listened to me with such care and sincerity and gently led me to profound breakthroughs through art and expression. I have grown tremendously since those breakthroughs with Rachel. I highly recommend her caring spirit and professional expertise to anyone who is open to exploring themselves through art.”     ~Jennifer K

“Rachel made group a welcoming experience with her professionalism and respect to privacy. I felt comfortable disclosing my struggles in the group environment, with confidence that I would not be judged. The catharsis of creating art, and having a tangible representation of emotion is extremely healing. I would recommend Rachel’s group to anyone.”     ~ Meagan