Starting Over
Perhaps life has not been going as planned and when you reach for the ‘undo’ button on your computer, you realize that it’s not such an easy fix. Depression can make you feel like clouds are hovering over only you, even on a sunny day. Anxiety can leave you immobilized with racing thoughts. An Eating Disorder might have you raging a war between comparison and perfection. While there may not be a simple answer, there is hope. I will help you work with what you’ve got and together we’ll find the way to paint a brighter future.

Empowering You
Making the decision to ask for help is not easy for everyone and it’s important to remember that you hold the reins. Establishing a healthy connection with someone you can trust is imperative. I offer a free twenty minute phone consultation so I can assess your needs, we can ask questions and together we can get a sense if we are the right fit for one another.

Art and Therapy
Both the art world and the world of therapy have held significant places in my life and while I find inspiration in each, it’s the combination of the two where I currently find my true passion. It seems that there is a necessity now more than ever to nurture creativity in all aspects of life: relationships, spirituality, career choices, quest for knowledge, and so forth – hence my desire to cultivate equally the art in therapy and the therapy in art.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

We’ve all heard the adage hundreds of times, but this time try it for yourself. Sit down and draw how you feel about a situation that is meaningful to you and see if it doesn’t somehow convey your message clearly, if not more so, than if you had written it down or tried to explain it verbally. This is the essence of art therapy.

Art making is a multi-sensory experience. When you permit yourself to explore the visual, tactile and kinesthetic aspects of creating, you have increased the tools in your toolbox to offer genuine expression that is Art Therapy - Choose Joymeaningful to you. As most any artist will tell you, engaging in the art process alone can be a therapeutic experience. Drawing, painting, printing, molding and sculpting can all offer relaxing and even cathartic experiences. When you create art in the presence of a trained art therapist you can begin to explore possible underlying issues, get to the root of problems more quickly, and begin to problem solve more efficiently than through talk therapy alone.

You do not need to be skilled as an artist to engage in art therapy. In fact, most people stop drawing between the ages of 10 and 12 and many adults continue to create art at that skill level. It’s OK! Art can be a fun way to tap into creative juices we may have left behind in childhood; all it takes is an open mind and willingness to unfold.

As an artist and therapist, I feel passionate about helping others engage in the creative process in ways that extend to all aspects of life. I enjoy turning people on to new ideas, concepts and techniques that help tap into innate strengths as they blossom into their ideal selves. From an early age I engaged in the healing qualities of art making for myself and I now fully embrace art as a powerful tool in the therapeutic relationship with others.

While I love visual art as a form of communication in therapy, I fully recognize that not everyone shares my enthusiasm and I am more than happy to meet you at your comfort level.

I always provide a safe, respectful and confidential environment.

I am a board certified art therapist located in Philadelphia, PA. My joy is in helping clients realize their full potential; to become unstuck in the face of change or life challenges. I specialize in working with women who struggle with eating disorders / disordered eating, body image, anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief. I strive to help family members and other supports maintain healthy emotional connections with loved ones to improve communication, mental health and overall quality of life together.

To schedule a free 20-minute consultation, please email me or call  215-459-4915.