Is it Theory or the Relationship?

As I sit writing in a neighborhood coffee shop, I gaze at the wall across from me and I’m faced with meticulous paintings of motorcycle Americana. Depictions of life on the road from the vantage point of a freewheelin’, nature lovin’ everyday man. Or so I assume. I love people. I love interesting viewpoints. I love that as a therapist I get the opportunity to be invited into other people’s lives and view the world from another perspective. In some ways you could say that we all have the ability to do this, but as a therapist, perspective is intentionally shared in a way that it gradually allows us to explore and bring healing to deeper levels of the psyche. I went to a CEU presentation last week and the presenter reminded me that therapy works due to a combination of factors, 70% of which is made up of the client’s ability combined with the relationship of the therapist. Theory is just a small part of it. Without one of us, we’ve only got 60% to work with at best; it takes both to complete the picture and create lasting change.

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Rachel Braun, ATR-BC  Art Therapist Philadelphia, PA

Specializing in art therapy groups for women who experience depression, anxiety and eating disorders.